About Us

Girls Soccer Network is for fans, players, and supporters of girl’s soccer across the globe. GSN provides news, insight, information, reviews, tips and inspiration about the beautiful game in particular and the girl’s soccer lifestyle in general. It’s born out of a true love of the sport and the positive influence it offers young women.

Featuring original content, curated stories, and thriving social media communities, GSN is the hub of the world of girl’s soccer and seeks to introduce the sport to new audiences. We know the culture around girl’s soccer is one of development, support, discipline, and teamwork, so GSN serves as a reflection and extension of that philosophy. A portion of our profits are donated to Gonzo Soccer, which uses soccer as a vehicle to enlighten girls to know their potential and inspire and empower them to reach it.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, GSN started in 2016 as a way to continue to grow the game and community we love. We have exciting new media projects coming down the road, so stay tuned and grow with us.