Is Girls Soccer Network your virtual home field? Would you like to share and contribute to our site? Fantastic! We are always looking to add to our contributor roster, to bring in your fresh stories, your funny ideas, your must see videos, your amazing illustrations and expand the Girls Soccer Network community.
How can I get involved?!

What’s right for us

We’re especially interested in unique personal stories about your soccer life and social life and the friendships you’ve built along the way. We want unique and diverse points of view, varied cultural perspectives with original reporting, and illustrations. We want stories about soccer, of course! But we also want girl-centric stories that you’re passionate about and that only you could tell. We want to hear what you’re obsessed with a new app, what you think about before a game, who’s on your playlist, how you deal with things like cramps at practice or how badly your soccer bag smells. We want to know why you love scary movies and how excited you are to wear sequins to your best friend’s birthday party.

We love essays that muse on soccer and how the game fascinates and frustrates you. And we also love essays about positive body image, the perfect post game smoothie, learning to be an adult, friendships, boy cheerleaders, the weirdness of relationships, and coping through tough times (whether it be a major crises, or why the better in your shoe made you hate youself). We want stories that make us feel like we’re all in this together, whether it’s an essay on how sexy your new cleats make you feel or how you convinced your team manager to get you all Coachella tickets.

What’s not right for us

  • Mean girl drama.
  • Sensationalist gossip.

Who we’re looking for:

  • Funny, honest, sporty, smart, creative people with strong writing and grammar skills and the ability to write fun, inspired posts.
    Want to join the team?
  • Email us at with ideas you have for specific articles and a brief (one paragraph) description of who you are and what kind of writing you do.
  • In the subject line, write a very short description of the idea you have for an article, i.e. “Why I hate playing on turf” or “Am I too short to be a goalkeeper?” “Why playing on the full moon can bring out the tiger in me.” (You can include more ideas in the body of the email)
  • If you already have a draft of a story you think might be right for us, go ahead and send it! We’d love to read it to see if it might be a good fit.
  • If you have writing samples, send them along at .