Advice for Balancing Dating and Relationships as a Young Athlete


As Valentine’s Day approaches, students all over are planning romantic dates with their special someone. As a student, balancing classes, a social life, and a love life can be very challenging. As an athlete, it can be even more difficult. Athletics schedules are very demanding and time is valuable. Here are some tips on how to properly balance a relationship and dating as a young athlete.

Don’t forget about your friends!

When someone new enters your life, it can be very tempting to spend all of your free time with that one person. A new relationship is fun and exciting, but it is very important to balance your time between that special someone and your friends. If that new relationship doesn’t work out, your friends will always be there for you. Be sure to show them the same love you would if you were single!

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

A new relationship can be super fun and exciting, but that does not mean you can forget about all of your other responsibilities. Going to class, completing homework, and getting workouts in is a must. Especially as an athlete. You are going to have to make sacrifices. Hopefully, your significant other is someone who encourages a well-rounded lifestyle and is understanding if you have to cancel plans in order to complete a project for class.

Be honest and trust each other.

Honesty is extremely important in every relationship, and as an athlete, you will be traveling and spending a lot of time away from your significant other. Communication, honesty, and trust is key to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Introduce your special someone to your friends!

Your significant other will be around a lot, so it’s very important that they are well-liked by your friends or roommates. Try to build a friendship between your significant other and your friends. It’s awesome when all of your loved ones get along really well. Hopefully, you won’t even need to be a buffer and everyone will be friends right off the bat!


This is an important life skill whether you are in a relationship or or not. Planning and being organized are key factors that contribute to success. You don’t have to plan days down to the minute, but it is good to have an idea of how your time will be spent. It also allows you to see what free time you will have. Writing down your schedule in a calendar can help with organization and time management. It’ll keep you from making overlapping plans!


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