8 Soccer-Themed Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Chicago Red STars Pumpkin, NWSL, Halloween

It’s October, which means one thing. Halloween is just around the corner! It is the time of year where you get to dress up as a daunting monster or as your favorite movie character (It, anyone?). You also get to fill your belly with all sorts of sweets, play pranks on your friends and teammates and carve pumpkins.

Here are some soccer-themed pumpkin carving ideas that soccer-loving, trick-or-treaters will adore:

1- Soccer ball

You can carve a soccer ball-shaped pumpkin in two ways. Some people choose to simply shave the pumpkin to outline a soccer ball while others will sit down and cut out holes to create a Jack-o-Lantern soccer ball. Warning: Do not attempt to play soccer with this ball. It will hurt.

2- Cleats

If you like soccer fashion and want to carve a slightly more unique pumpkin, then why not carve some cleats onto your canvas? You can add a soccer ball to this carving and maybe even team initials.

3- Scoreboard

Is there an emblematic soccer game you don’t dare to forget even during Halloween? Well, why not carve the scoreboard of this game onto your pumpkin. All you need is a rectangle divided in two, the initials of both teams on either side of the rectangle and the numbered scores just beneath.

4- Team logo

Another way to show you are a proud fan of a certain team, you can carve this team’s logo or name into your pumpkin. Light that bad-boy up and have every creature of the night aware of your fandom.

5- Soccer net

You can get a larger-sized pumpkin, carve the back face into the shape of a soccer net and cut out the frontal face of the pumpkin, so you end up with an open pumpkin that has a soccer net at the end. You can maybe even shoot some football-sala balls into the orange net.

6- Soccer player kicking a ball

You can play with a candle inside your pumpkin by carving the outline of a soccer player kicking a ball and making the whole thing look alive. You can go a step further and add a soccer net into the pumpkin as well (or simply place your pumpkin-net beside this pumpkin.) This picture sort of has the idea, except we want it to be about soccer, duh.

7- Jersey

Going back to our soccer fashionistas, you can carve your favorite team’s jersey into the pumpkin or you can even simply just paint it on there. If you choose to carve it, then placing different color candles inside the pumpkin to color your jersey.

8- Pumpkin-head eating a ball

Last but definitely not least, and my personal favorite, you can carve a pumpkin head aggressively tearing into a soccer ball. It adds to the whole terror theme of Halloween.

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