Let Kanye Get You Jacked


Now that summer’s coming to a close, it’s time to shake off that sag and get into shape. Soccer is brutal if you’re not fit. It’s the worst sport in the world if you’re dying and gasping for air on the field. Like no fun at all, unless you’re a goalie, but that’s a whole other thing. It’s fine to be lazy during the summer, but come on, if you’re gonna play this game, you better be ready to work it.

If you’re anything like me, music makes it possible for me to stretch myself beyond what I think I can and helps me work my butt off.  That’s why I need to tell you about this guy Kanye because he’s basically the “king of calisthenics”.

Kanye West is undoubtedly one of the most controversial music artists in the game today, and whether you like it or not, his music has dominated the industry for quite some time. There are many reasons to hate Kanye; he openly raps many crude and provocative lyrics that offend people worldwide. Still, as a teenager in the 21st century, it’s hard to deny his genius. From The College Dropout to The Life of Pablo, he has released and sampled sounds that do the workout for you just by moving to the beat. Some athletes exercise to Kanye because they love the music, and some workout to Kanye because the lyrics physically get them angry. Opinions aside, this hour long playlist of his greatest hits and his low key music will get your blood pumping in no time!


  • “JESUS WALKS” – One of the biggest political statements Kanye has ever made, as well as one of the best rhythms to start your run to. Kanye will have you feeling like Jesus after this warm up.
  • “THE NEW WORKOUT PLAN” – This song is literally made for doing ab workouts, I totally suggest getting down on the mat and doing crunches for the entirety of this song.
  • “TOUCH THE SKY” – Not only with the song make you feel like a fly ass queen, but it be especially beneficial while doing pull ups or jump rope. Do what Kanye says, try to touch the sky!
  • STRONGER” – It was basically mandatory to put this song on the playlist. This was the first song I ever ran to, and it made me feel like I could go forever. If you are into lifting, grind on those weights and get ripped.
  • “THE GLORY” – A catchy, positive beat, and a super relatable track. If you can’t study anymore, get your sweat on by doing stairs to this song and forget about all of your homework.
  • “LOVE LOCKDOWN” – This song has a slow start, but a deep base that creates a consistent rhythm. Push ups, plank, or bear crawls are all good exercises to try during the duration of this song, and the upbeat chorus is super motivational.
  • “POWER” – Just like Stronger, this popular beat has been known to make any athlete go all in for 5 minutes. You can do pretty much any workout you want to this song, in fact, sometimes I find that just dancing to this song will make me sweat!
  • “ALL OF THE LIGHTS” – There is a lot going on in this song, and Rihanna and Kid Cudi donate to the flashy melody that makes this track what it is. Get out your ladder, and do some footwork!
  • “MONSTER” – Let this song turn you into a bloodthirsty monster. I listen to this track before games, because it gets me amped to take the other team down. Kanye’s insanity will push you to become the monster you are on the field!
  • BLACK SKINHEAD” – The heavy breathing in the background makes you feel like you are straight up racing Kanye West himself. Que this song up before you get on the track for a speed lap, and push yourself to get faster!
  • “PT. 2” – Although I genuinely think this song is a glorified remix of “Panda,” there’s no doubt that it has one of the most elaborate beats in rap today. Slow down for the verses, and then pump those arms when the chorus hits!
  • FADE” – To end your workout, put this song on a do what I like to call a cool down dance. Let the heavy base move you and shake off the sweat!

After listening to this playlist, you will be thanking Kanye for your 6-pack in no time 🙂 Now get up and go score a goal or something.


Photo Via Instagram @deniimas