Sagittarius Soccerscope

Soccer horoscope

On the field

It’s finally December, the month we all look forward to! More importantly, it’s the month for Sagittarius! As you start this wonderful, snow-filled month, you are ready to take the end of this year and are already thinking about what’s to come.

You’re known for being extra curious and energetic. You’re already getting ahead on everything that needs to happen for your team to be victorious next year. You love to wander and search for the real meaning. Even though you are curious and keep your energy up, you know the strategy behind each move you make on the field. Your optimism and high spirits keep the rest of your team relying on you for constant communication on the field, which really helps the overall playing style during games.


As a Sagittarius, you’re an extroverted person, and you enjoy putting yourself out there! You love trying new makeup trends and mixing it up with hairstyles and outfits. You don’t only rock on the field, you’re known as a style guru to everyone else off the field as well.  You don’t just settle for any pair of shoes or a top, you find the clothes that best represent you, which is what is what everyone loves about you.


You’re extremely motivated by everything and everyone around you. So you’re always accepting challenges to be more in shape and to be the best on the field. You also know how to indulge just like everyone else. Yet, you know the goal you have in mind, and you are not stopping until you achieve it. Your “Sagittariusness” kicks in when you need it most with your boost of enthusiasm that you need in those moments of laziness. Even though you might not want to get up for your morning run, you find the happiness and joy that you gain from it, and get up and do the dang thing!


Being open-minded is one of the best traits of a Sagittarius. You welcome everyone with embraces of love no matter who they are. This is why everyone is so drawn to you all the time. You’re genuinely kind and always wanting to get to know people better.

Your friends thrive off of your own motivation, and they have you to guide them and move them to do their best on and off the field. Your never wavering positive attitude also makes you the best person to go to advice for because you make every situation even a little bit better and that’s what friends are supposed to do.