Women’s Soccer Organization We Love: Tibet Women’s Soccer


There are many fierce female soccer organizations across the world that are putting their stamp on the soccer community. The ones Girls Soccer Network loves the most are those that not only train and condition the next generation of female athletes but the organizations that give back and help the community in the process. GSN would like to highlight the notable achievements of the Tibet Women’s Soccer for doing just that.

Decades after Tibetan political and spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, fled Tibet for Dharamsala, India, displaced Tibetans refugees still struggle to survive in a foreign land. Since life was especially difficult for females, Tibetian women used organized sports as a way to express themselves physically and recreationally. Under the direction of Cassie Childers, an American teacher and life-long soccer player, Tibet Women’s Soccer was reincorporated as a completely independent association. Childs wanted to inspire the young women of the Tibetan refugee community to have a new sense of pride in themselves.

The program extends beyond the soccer field by providing the opportunity to expand the female Tibetan voice. They provide a well-rounded curriculum of leadership, team building and gender equality that compliments the soccer training sessions as well. The program works to create bonds of sisterhood and to teach the Tibetan women that they possess talent and capabilities equivalent to men. Soccer is the tool by which Tibetian Women’s Soccer frames and delivers lessons and experiences.

As a result of their hard work and determination, the Tibet Women’s Soccer team is the first female Tibetan team of any sport to play in an international match. They played at the Vancouver International Soccer Festival on July 7.

Tibet Women’s Soccer has also engaged more than 3,000 young women living in exile and continues to expand. We salute the work that this nonprofit is doing to empower women through the beautiful game.