Soccer-Themed Ways to Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day


Valentines Day is fast approaching and every soccerista loves soccer. There are many ways to spread the love and share the passion for the game. For that special someone, soccer-themed ways to show your love are the perfect solution to make this special day unique. From the smaller touches to hand made items, there’s a way to add a little bit of soccer into the message.

Wrap it up

Use wrapping, ribbons, or cards that are decorated with a soccer theme. It may be just as easy to find school colors or use a black and white color scheme to contain your special gift. Many Valentine’s Day cards that are soccer related are available to purchase in many stores as well as online.

Make your own personalized wrapping. Create a customized iron on for a tote. Use a picture of your choosing or the soccerista’s name and jersey number using an Avery T-shirt and fabric transfer template, print onto iron on paper, then use a hot iron and transfer to the tote. Easy!

Soccer bag tags can be used as the tag for a gift. It’s a small part that will be reused and have permanent place on a frequently used item.


Bake a batch of sugar cookies, cut them in circles, and decorate them to look soccer balls. The local bakery may also have soccer ball cookies. Many candies are sold in stores that are either wrapped in soccer ball print packaging or molded to look like balls.

Decorate the packaging of the soccerista’s favorite snack or treat. Draw a soccer ball on the top of a fruit cup or the lid of their favorite sports drink. Add some stickers, too. It’s the small touches that can bring a smile.

Make your own message

Create a card shaped like a heart and color it to look like a soccer ball. Another option would be to find soccer ball print paper and cut in to a shape of heart. Write a short message to your Valentine or teammate.

Use a soccer ball as the card and write different sayings in the tiles. Chats, poems, quotes and words of praise can fill the surface. Don’t forget to add little hearts! The ball can be used on the field or stay on the shelf, but hopefully it will continue to inspire each time it’s seen.


Every athlete needs a little push every now and then. Create a motivational sign so your soccerista will be constantly reminded of your thoughtfulness and support. Include pictures of your valentine playing soccer and maybe a role model from the USWNT.

Create a playlist for the soccerista to listen to while working out or studying. Use favorite songs or pick from The Best Female Musicians of 2017 to help them get their groove on.

Personal touches or gifts made by you also show your Valentine that you really care. It is nice to get these small tokens of appreciation, so make sure you take the time to spread love and share in the passion of the game.


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