Soccerista Resolutions Ideas for the New Year


A new year is upon us, which means it’s time for socceristas to set new goals on and off the field! Whether you’re at the top of your game or just starting out, here are some resolutions to start working toward as you begin 2018.

Become a starter

Whether you’re new to the team or have just had an off season, this is your chance to turn it all around. Show up to practice early and stay after. Put in the hours on the track to improve your conditioning. Most of all, try your absolute hardest at every practice to show your coach that you deserve the starting spot on the pitch.

Take a friend to the field on your off days

This is a small step to putting in extra time dedicated to your skills. Each time you go, focus on something different. One day work on foot skills. The next day, try out your first touch. This will turn into a habit that will show off when it comes to game time.

Test out a different position

If you’re a striker, then try a couple games or practices in the back. Changing up your perspective on the field makes you a better player overall. Understanding the demands and options of a different position will help you read plays and balls as games are in full swing.


Host more team nights

Teams always play better when they’re close off the field. Invite over your team on the weekends for sleepovers. First of all, it’s the most fun you’ll have. Second, these people are your second family. You might as well start acting like it!

Trust in your skills

It’s easy to get caught up with comparing yourself to others on and off your team, but this is a year to trust in your own skill set and to work it to the best of your ability. There’s no use in trying to be anyone else other than yourself. Plus, your team needs you for only the things you can do. Remember that throughout this year!



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