Top 5 Goals: W-League


The W-League season has been out of control since the new year started. Every single team in the league seems to have their shooting boots on, and there have been a ton of goals as a result. When you add that with some dramatic late equalizers and winners, you’ve got a great week of women’s soccer to review. Take a look at the best goals from Week 9 in the W-League.

5. Celeste Boureille- Brisbane Roar

The Brisbane Roar managed to stay at the top of the table thanks to a late winner from Celeste Boureille. The American plays for the Portland Thorns in the NWSL, but Brisbane will be happy to have her at the moment. This was a difficult header from near the penalty spot, and it had just enough on it to sneak past the keeper. Not a bad time to score your first goal in the W-League.

4. Gema Simon- Newcastle Jets

Newcastle have been hot on the Brisbane Roar’s heels so far this season, and they also needed a goal in the last five minutes to keep it that way. Hannah Brewer scored for her team last week, but she floated in a perfect ball near the back post this time around. Cortnee Vine did well to show restraint by not shooting and making the extra pass to Simon, who finished easily. Great team goal from the Jets.

3. Princess Ibini- Sydney FC

Sydney FC are also one of the top teams in the W-League at the moment, and their team play has been fun to watch. Caitlin Foord continues to be in good form. This was a great solo run before she picked her head up and spotted Princess Ibini making a run. Foord chipped in a nice ball to the back post, and Ibini attacked it really well to fire the header into the roof of the net.


2. Kylie Ledbrook- Sydney FC

Kylie Ledbrook has been a solid midfield player for Sydney this season, and she hasn’t been afraid to do the dirty work. However, this goal was far from that as she was given enough time and space to hit a shot from distance. The strike had the precision and power to slide into the far corner of the net. It was a thing of beauty, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Newcastle Jets.

1. Melina Ayres- Melbourne Victory

It’s only a matter of time before Melina Ayres gets her first cap for the Matildas. Ayres is only 18, but this in her third year in the W-League. This is a goal she’ll be proud of for a long time to come. No one on the opposing team was willing to step to the ball so Ayres decided to have a go from distance. She put her foot through it, and the shot rocketed into the top corner of the net. The goalie had no chance. Melbourne would be smart not to let Ayres leave their team anytime soon.



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