#WCW: Catarina Macario

stanford women's soccer

Catarina Macario has flat out turned the NCAA into her playground for the Stanford Cardinal this season. The freshman sensation has been a revelation and one of the main reasons the team still sits atop the coaches poll at No. 1. The Brazilian born striker moved to the United States in 2012, and she really hasn’t looked back. Let’s take the time to show some love to a future superstar of the women’s game, Catarina Macario.

Macario made the decision to move to the United States with the likely intention of playing for the Stars and Stripes in some capacity. Macario had a lot more to prove from the moment she got here. She wasn’t a part of any youth camps for the national team because of the fact that she moved here when she was already a teenager.

However, Macario made a huge splash from the moment she stepped on the pitch in the Elite Clubs National League (ENCL). The ECNL is relatively new, but it has had tremendous success in helping increase the already strong quality of play for women’s soccer. Macario pretty much dominated at the high school level, including a ridiculous 34 goals scored in 23 games played. Everyone knew she was joining a perennial powerhouse in Stanford, but not many predicted she would be this good.

In 19 games this year, Macario has 14 goals and 10 assists, which is outstanding for a forward up front. Macario has showed off a wide variety of skills this season. Some of her goals from distance are breathtaking, but she also has the movement and intelligence to get in behind a defense and finish with ease. She’s also got four game-winning goals to her name, including the game’s only goal in last week’s rivalry game against Cal.

Macario has been so good this year that she’s outperformed her teammate and future No. 1 pick Andi Sullivan in both goals and assists. One thing is clear, if Macario continues to play at such a high level, then no one is going to stop Stanford from winning this year’s National Championship.