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Girls Soccer Network is born out of a true love of soccer and watching it shape the young women in our lives. I don’t think many of us think when we sign our daughters up for their first soccer team that this sport is going to consume us in quite the way it does. But from the little swarm in a baggy uniforms chasing a ball around to the hypnotic ticky-tock that develops as they get older, we bare witness to a transformation, a dedication and a joy for a game that can be maddening as well as euphoric. A bit like life, right?

Girls Soccer Network will reflect the core principle of the beautiful game: looking to connect, looking to create and looking for chances. Chances to get a little closer to what you’re striving for. Chances to succeed. Chances to win. Just chances…

We love this notion. We’ve been on winning teams and losing teams. Yet, in the end what matters is the game and what it shows us: To work hard. To look for opportunity. To play positive. The culture around girls soccer is one of development, support, discipline and community. It works because the game supports the ideas of building and connectivity, and the girls are inspired by it, which is why Nurture Conquer is our mantra.

Our goal is to be a place where girls can connect off the pitch and share their experience and wisdom about the game. To inspire them, we will create original content and curate stories from a variety of lifestyle themes that include food, style, travel, fashion and wellness.

As a way to continue to grow the game and community we love, we will donate a percent of all profits to Gonzo Soccer. The organization uses soccer as a vehicle to enlighten girls to know their potential and inspire and empower them to reach it.

Girls Soccer Network is located in Los Angeles, California.


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We became friends on the sideline during our daughters’ soccer games, and it wasn’t long before people started to ask us if we were married. It made us laugh because we were, just not to each other. Make no mistake. We were, in fact, falling in love. The game of soccer had taken hold of our hearts and the love affair began as we watched our daughters become athletes and students of the game. During this time, a fabulous friendship came to life.

Our goal for Girls Soccer Network is to create a positive online community for girls who not only love the game but want to talk about life, on or off the field. We will present quality content, have engaging experts, explore products and talk about the things that girls love. Girls Soccer Network welcomes reader contributions and will publish them daily. Talk to us so we can give you the best experience we can exploring the beautiful game online. Enjoy.

Jen and Michael

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Jen’s mother went into contractions at a Dodger game when Sandy Koufax was about to pi…

Michael grew up in Chicago where the love of sport is not a choice but a God…

Prior to coaching soccer each and every day, Beth can be found in her cabin under an…




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